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Minding Your Data Gaps with Micro Integrations

Marcel Stefanini
November 26, 2022

Similar to minding the gap in a London train station, you need to mind the data gaps in your tech stack to avoid the danger of losing customers on their sales journey.

How Do You Get More From Your MarTech and SalesTech Stack?

Your MarTech and SalesTech stack is large and in charge. To acquire new customers, you rely on many tools in your stack. Digital ads, web analytics, marketing automation, CRM, and the list goes on and on. What if I told you that these tools don’t talk effectively to each other leaving data gaps that your customers are falling through? Surprised? Don’t worry, you are not alone.

What Is A Data Gap?

Think about it: every tool in your stack wishes that it had data from at least one other system. CRM wants to know more about what prospects are doing on the web. Digital marketing wants to close the loop on if visitors converted to sales. Marketing automation wants to know more web behaviors to trigger better campaigns … These are all real data gaps, and the more gaps you have, the more business you lose.

Why Does It Matter?

These data gaps cost companies customers, and lots of them. B2B digital ads optimizing to clicks (because they don’t have down funnel metrics), Sales reps not striking while the iron is hot (because they don’t know when the iron is hot), Automation teams silently losing cart abandons (because they don’t when someone abandons). It’s no wonder that companies are losing customers and don’t know why.

Introducing Micro Integrations

Stoke’s unique approach to solving these data gaps is through our proprietary Micro Integrations. Backed by our ID Sync technology, these Micro Integrations connect the data you need from system-to-system eliminating the gaps and keeping customers away from the competition. We know you want your MarTech and SalesTech stack to generate customers, not headaches and so do we. So, take a look at our website to learn how Stoke can help you mind your data gaps so you never lose a customer along their journey again.

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