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How do Micro Integrations integrate data?
Are you storing data on your servers?
If we want to add dimensions or push new events from system x to system y (e.g. Google Analytis and Marketo), how would we do that?
How is Datajoin different from other data integration tools?
How is Datajoin different from workflow automation tools like Zapier/Trey.io/Snaplogic?
Don’t CDPs integrate your customer data? How do Micro Integrations compare to a CDP?
Adobe Analytics and Marketo Engage are both part of the Adobe Experience Cloud suite – don't they already integrate?
What’s the difference between Adobe Analytics website tracking and Marketo (Munchkin) website tracking – don't they track the same data?
What’s the benefit of using Adobe Analytics data in Marketo?
How do you sync two applications? Does it require an admin user or other resources?
Do Micro Integrations require an additional Adobe Analytics license or higher service tier?
If my company has used Google Analytics or another Analytics software historically but is planning to switch to Adobe Analytics, is there a capability to import/map historical data into Adobe Analytics, and then make it available for these connections retroactively?
My organization has multiple Marketo instances. Any suggestions with regards to integrating those with a single Adobe Analytics instance or migrating data?
Can I push metrics like Time-Spent into Marketo?
Are you guys using scrapers to achieve this?
Do you have SLAs?
What happens if your servers go down and my data doesn’t sync?
How often does my data sync?
Is the data you store for 7 days encrypted?
What kind of security measures are you taking to make sure our data isn’t stolen or compromised?
I only have one field I want to pull into Marketo from AA… do I really need to spend $30k for that?
We have 10 Marketo instances across the world and use Adobe and Google Analytics across 10 different websites. We want every single field in AA and GA to flow into Marketo. Can you make that happen and what kind of pricing are we looking at?
We need to be able to sync all our campaigns across Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, etc... which all now have completely different campaign names. How can you help?