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Salesforce to Google Analytics Micro Integration

Whether you’re on GA Standard or GA 360, now you can integrate your Salesforce CRM data with Google Analytics for immediate access to down-funnel conversions from MQL to closed deals. And it’s all visible right in Google Analytics.

Show Marketing’s Direct Impact on Sales in Google Analytics

This powerful Micro Integration allows you to pull deal and pipeline information into Google Analytics. This means at your next Stakeholder meeting you can show the direct impact of your campaigns and content on pipeline and closed deals. Your influence, team and budgets will grow as you are able to present this data.

Take Google Optimize Personalization To The Next Level

Marketers face the challenge of cutting through all the noise to connect with their customers because they don’t know who they are and what they have done offline. This Micro Integration solves this problem by enriching your user profiles with Salesforce data. Want to create a segment for all IT Managers who are currently MQLs? No problem – you have this data now!