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Adobe Analytics to Salesforce

To close the most deals, sales teams need to know everything their prospects are doing on the website. Our Adobe Analytics to Salesforce Integration provides 100% visibility into this – right inside of Salesforce.

Quick Setup, Seamless Integration

Typical Salesforce integrations can take months to years. With the Datajoin platform, we take this down to days. Get started today and start reaping the benefits of enhanced analytics.

Close More Business, Faster

Personalize your sales approach by understanding your prospects' website activity. With our solution, you'll gain visibility into which pages and videos your contacts are viewing, how long they're spending on your site, and what content they're downloading. By leveraging this valuable information, sales teams can close 10% or more business.

Hit the Leads While They’re Hot

Qualify leads 40 times faster with our integration. By providing SDRs with real-time insights into lead activity on your website, our solution eliminates the need for time-consuming call-qualifying processes, allowing SDRs to quickly identify qualified leads before they go cold.
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