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Marketo to Adobe Analytics Micro Integration

Measure and personalize better than ever with Marketo data directly in Adobe Analytics

Measure AQLs & MQLs right inside of Analysis Workspace.

Measure campaign performance beyond clicks and form fills to AQLs and MQLs coming from Marketo. Take this reporting into your next team or stakeholder meeting and demonstrate the true power of your marketing campaigns. Deliver these optics to your paid search team for better optimization than ever.
Better Data, Better Personalization
With Marketo data points such as job title, account, industry and much more,  you’ll know more about your visitors than ever before. you can make your anonymous visitors feel right at home. With Marketo data inside of Adobe Analytics, you can:
  • Create powerful segments that can be synced to Adobe Target
  • Create more personalized landing pages and targeted offers based on demographics, product interest and journey stage
Persona & ABM Measurement in Analysis Workspace
With Marketo de-anonymized data inside Adobe Analytics, see how targeted personas, accounts and industries are performing across the website with 100% confidence (rather than IP-based best guesses). Answer questions such as:
  • Is your content as engaging as you thought for CMOs?
  • Is your offer working for your targeted accounts?
  • How is my target industry behaving on the website?

A/B Testing That Delivers

With powerful segments in Adobe Analytics from Marketo variables, you can sync these segments to Adobe Target which will allow you to design and execute tests that will result in:
  • Increased conversion rates
  • Decreased bounce rates
  • Longer session times
Adobe Analytics and Marketo ID Sync

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