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Google Analytics & Marketo
Micro Integration

Activate on digital buyer behavior from Google Analytics, directly in Marketo.

Improve Customer Acquisition

Get web behavioral data from Google Analytics you can use to nurture leads down the sales funnel, personalize sales outreach, and increase pipeline velocity.

Create lead nurture tracks using time spent, pdf downloads, click events, and more.

Prioritize sales outreach based on product intent, content consumption, or other activities.

Save revenue opportunities by capturing web visitors that started a form but didn't finish it using form start events.

Prevent churn by segmenting customers using login events, help page visits, and other data that indicate a user might stop using your product or website.

Improve your customer experience by creating personalized outreach just for your 'power users.'

Identify and convert more freemium customers to paid customers by knowing all product usage data right at home in Marketo. The sales team will thank you forever.

Turn Regular Customers Into Fanatics

With your web behavioral data in Marketo, you can create high value, personalized customer interactions that increase customer loyalty and improve your brand image.

Intelligent Upselling

Upsell your current customers using web data integrated directly into Marketo. Create customer segments that tell you what content your current customers are engaging with.

Create offers for existing customers who are spending time on the site, looking at your newest product offerings, or consuming a high amount of content.

Marketo & Adobe Analytics Identity Sync

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What’s the benefit of using Adobe Analytics data in Marketo?
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