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Tap Into The Goldmine Of Behavioral Data

For marketing and sales teams, behavioral data is gold. Google and Adobe Analytics has it and Datajoin shares it to immediately boost your conversions, pipeline, and revenue. Test drive our free-tier now.

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Behavioral data such as what customers view, click, and download is already collected in Adobe Analytics.

Datajoin’s Behavioral Integration Platform seamlessly shares this data with other key business systems – and faster than any other solution.

When it comes to integrating Adobe Analytics and other systems, including Google Ads, Marketo, and Salesforce, we turn to our trusted partner Datajoin.

Rick Maddox
Principal Product
Marketing Manager
at Adobe

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Get More Data To Your Teams Effortlessly

Falling Conversion
For Google Ads Teams
Eliminate bot expense with unmatched targeting
  • Send Adobe Analytics segments to Google Ads
  • 2x your remarketing conversion rates
  • 1 day set up
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Falling Conversion
For Marketo Teams
Drive higher quality leads to sales
  • Send ungated content activities to Marketo
  • Drive 20%+ more pipeline
  • 1 day set up
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Falling Conversion
For Salesforce Teams
Close more deals, faster
  • Append all web activity to Salesforce contacts
  • Drive 15%+ more revenue
  • 1 day set up
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Falling Conversion
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