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Now you can connect your customer behavioral data across your marketing platforms to enable truly full-funnel personalization, with Datajoin’s proprietary Micro Integrations. No CDP. No IT backlog. All the spotlight. In 3 days or less.

Stop Waiting
No more waiting on IT for weeks or months. Start enjoying complete integration across your marketing tools—thanks to our codeless Micro Integrations—in mere days. 
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Connect Your Key Data
No more siloes. Thanks to Datajoin’s point-to-point integrations, your customer data moves freely back and forth across your stack, from ads to analytics to marketing automation to CRM.
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Unify Customer Data
You can synchronize customer data from the top to the bottom of the funnel, drive a truly personalized customer experience, and make your customer activation goals a reality—without a CDP.
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Top Companies Activate Customer Data With Datajoin

How CDPs Stifle Activation
1. Marketers Invest In a CDP
Seeking the higher performance and efficiency that customer data activation offers, you are drawn in by a CDP’s promises of a single source of truth and a unified customer profile and pay a hefty fee to get started.
2. The Long IT Slog Sets In
You must secure IT resources to write custom data pipelines and scripts. Web analytics and sales performance data must be pieced together manually. As the project stretches out six months or more, costs quickly double. You sit idle, longing for the data you’ve been promised, knowing that opportunities are passing you by.
3. The CDP Disappoints
After so much investment and waiting, your CDP is finally ready—but falls short of the activation you expected. Your customer profiles require ongoing tweaking to work properly. You’re inconveniently pulled away from the tools you know into your clunky CDP, in an attempt to get the activation you were promised.

After so much waiting, investment, and opportunities missed, you are let down by your CDP, as customer activation is still remains out of your reach.
Start Activating Data Now, Not in 6 Months

Data integrations built for marketers, and trusted by enterprises.

"We were continually asked how our form fills were performing down funnel and we were never able to give a good answer - until now. Datajoin's Micro Integration has finally given us the full-journey visibility we've been searching for"

"We've been searching for a way to connect Salesforce data into Adobe Analytics for a while. We almost gave up hope of solving this until we came across Datajoin. We now have the visibility we've been looking for right inside of Analysis Workspace"
"We are finally seeing our Salesforce Community site data flowing directly into Adobe Analytics and we're thrilled to effect change to find opportunites to improve the customer experience!"
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