Date: Mar 20-23, Las Vegas
Datajoin Selected To Present: Activate Beyond Adobe Solutions - Integrate Adobe Everywhere
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If You’re Not Using Web Data, You’re Not Personalizing

True personalization requires behavioral data—what customers view, click, and download. Datajoin’s behavioral integrations connect your web analytics to your marketing stack to activate your customer data for real targeting.

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Activate Beyond Adobe Solutions
Integrate Adobe Everywhere
Activate Beyond Adobe Solutions - Integrate Adobe Everywhere
Sam Fonoimoana
Founder and CEO, Datajoin
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Activate Beyond Adobe Solutions - Integrate Adobe Everywhere [S427]
Wednesday, Mar 22 | 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM PDT

Are you maximizing the value of your high-intent segments for your business in activations across vendor systems? Learn how to identify and activate high-intent visitor segments from data collection to attributes and more. Discover how Datajoin Adobe Micro Integrations, powered by Adobe open APIs, can help you implement data collection and activation for higher sales, higher profits, increased repeat customers, and increased ad effectiveness. This session highlights how to push:

  • High-intent behavioral segments from Adobe into the Google Ads platform
  • All key intent behaviors from Adobe into marketing automation platforms like Marketo, Eloqua, and Pardot
  • All key intent behaviors from Adobe into CRMs like Salesforce and Dynamics 365
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Why You’re Not Really Personalizing

Falling Conversion
Falling Conversion
The wrong data results in poor targeting and customers that don’t purchase.
Bad Customer Experience
Bad Customer Experience
Customers are spammed by clumsy, tone-deaf ads.
Privacy Risk
Privacy Risk
Customers are disrespected as their personal info is sold to the highest bidder.
The key to true personalization is targeting customers based on what they do—not on their job title.

The Power of Activation

When you combine behavioral data with the rest of the data in your stack, formerly dormant possibilities are brought to life. You can build behavior-based lead scoring, audiences, targeting, and triggers to deliver a supremely personalized experience for each customer.

“Organizations that leverage customer behavioral insights outperform peers by 85% in sales growth”.

McKinsey & Company

Datajoin Lets You Share
Behavioral Data

Our behavioral integrations make it easy and fast to seamlessly connect web data to activate the data in your marketing automation tools, CRM, and any other tool in your marketing stack.

Intelligent, safe targeting

Using web data, marketers are equipped to deliver campaigns that are finely attuned to customers’ needs—while keeping their personal data private.

Superior customer experience

Over time, one finely targeted, personalized touchpoint after another creates a customer loyalty and affinity that most can only dream of.

Higher conversion

Better-targeted ads mean customers buy more, less money is wasted on mismatched campaigns, and your budget goes further.

Start driving your personalization
with web data now.

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Top Companies Activate Their Customer Data With Datajoin

"We were continually asked how our form fills were performing down funnel and we were never able to give a good answer - until now. Datajoin's Micro Integration has finally given us the full-journey visibility we've been searching for"

"We've been searching for a way to connect Salesforce data into Adobe Analytics for a while. We almost gave up hope of solving this until we came across Datajoin. We now have the visibility we've been looking for right inside of Analysis Workspace"
"We are finally seeing our Salesforce Community site data flowing directly into Adobe Analytics and we're thrilled to effect change to find opportunites to improve the customer experience!"