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Salesforce MC to Adobe Analytics Micro Integration

Salesforce Marketing Cloud marketers: are you having difficulty measuring the impact of your campaigns from sends all the way to conversions on your website? This Micro Integration was built just for you. See this data from start to finish right inside Analysis Workspace today.

Stop Wasting Money and Start Optimizing Your Email Campaigns

Adobe Analytics can measure website visits and conversions from your email campaigns while Salesforce Marketing Cloud can measure your sends, open and click rates. In order to truly optimize you need to measure from start to finish. For example a certain campaign may be great at driving opens and clicks but perform horribly on the website due to the content. As an email marketer you need to see the full picture or you will be wasting spend and losing out on sales.

Get In Front Of The Right People

Google Ads pixel tracking is limited, but Adobe Analytics tracks every visitor behavior you can think of. With this simple Micro Integration, get in front of the right people by remarketing to high-intent segments from Adobe Analytics synced right inside of Google Ads. For example:

Unlock the Complete Features and Functionality of Adobe Analytics

Adobe Analytics features like Attribution IQ and Segment Builder are powerful tools that can unlock critical marketing insights and enable expanded tactics. The problem is, these features aren't useable out of the box for B2B organizations that rely on CRM data. With this Integration, that's no longer the case.