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Adobe Analytics to Marketo

Drive higher quality leads to sales and increase pipeline by 15% or more. Integrate ungated web activities and more from Adobe Analytics into Marketo and build the smartest smart lists yet.

Quick Setup, Seamless Integration

Our platform ensures a painless and seamless integration process, with setup taking only one day. Get started today and start reaping the benefits of enhanced analytics.

Grow Your Pipeline by 15% or More

Ungated downloads. Video views. Chat engagement. Time spent on site. With all digital behaviors from Adobe Analytics inside of Marketo, make the sales team your best friend by sending them higher converting leads that increase pipeline by 15% or more.

Increase Email Campaign Engagement

Boost your campaign engagement rates now. Personalization is key, but you can't achieve it without knowing what your audience is doing. By leveraging web behavioral data in Marketo, our solution empowers you to create highly personalized emails that convert.
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