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Data integration for marketing teams.

Micro Integrations are a new way to handle customer data. Where standard integration tools centralize customer data, Micro Integrations move critical customer data from one marketing app to another. "Micro" integrating data dramatically simplifies data activation and enrichment. Here's how it works.

Create custom nurture tracks based on sophisticated customer segments.

Customer data lives across your marTech stack, but it's stuck in siloes. Micro Integrations resolve customer identities between two applications, enabling seamless enrichment of data. For example, by adding dozens of fields from Adobe Analytics to contacts in Marketo, you can build smart lists that combine sophisticated web behavioral data and contact data.
A quick diagram of how our Micro Integrations work

Improve your web experience by knowing more about who's visiting the site.

Your CRM holds dozens of fields about your potential customers. Micro Integrations enable you to enrich your web data with those fields, seamlessly. You can then analyze who in your ICP is visiting your site and what content they're consuming, leading to major improvements to your customer experience. In the video below, watch a hands on demo of exactly how it works.

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