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As the first Polynesian led technology startup, we start with Aloha. We care about your problems and live to make your life easy.

Meet our team.
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Sam Fonoimoana, Datajoin Founder and CEO

Sam Fonoimoana

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Nate Jackson, Head of Customer Success at Datajoin

Nate Jackson

Head of Customer Success
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Cameron Warren, Head of Product at Datajoin

Cameron Warren

Head of Product
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Ikani Samani, Head of Engineering at Datajoin

Ikani Samani

Head of Engineering
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Marcel Stefanini, Head of Marketing at Datajoin

Marcel Stefanini

Head of Marketing
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Alex Beita, Head of Sales at Datajoin

Alex Beita

Head of Sales
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Danielle Mossman, Project Manager at Datajoin

Danielle Mossman

Lead Project Manager
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Noah Fonoimoana, Marketing Manager at Datajoin

Noah Fonoimoana

Marketing Manager
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Kiha Mossman, Account Executive at Datajoin

Kiha Mossman

Account Executive
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Ramona Flores, Project Manager at Datajoin

Ramona Flores

HR/Project Manager
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