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Google Analytics to Salesforce Micro Integration

Sales teams: do you want to know every interaction your prospect has had on your website since the beginning of their customer journey? This Micro Integration gives you 100% visibility into these difference-making insights. And it’s all visible right in Salesforce.

Buyer Intent … Revealed

Sales teams need to know what a prospect is doing on their website in order to best service them. Imagine being able to know what pages and videos your contacts are viewing, how much time they are spending, and what content they are downloading. This Micro Integration delivers this powerful Google Analytics’ data into Salesforce at the contact level.

Know Which Leads Are The Low Hanging Fruit

SDRs have the responsibility of sifting through high volumes of leads to find qualified leads to hand over to Sales. This process is often inefficient as leads that are not a good fit get passed on to Sales or the SDR spends way too much time having to call-qualify each lead and in the meantime the lead has gone cold. This Micro Integration allows SDRs to immediately know everything the lead did on the website. What does this give you? 40x faster qualification of leads that have higher conversion rates.