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Google Analytics to Pardot
Micro Integration

Measure and personalize better than ever with Google Analytics data directly in Pardot

Get Sales Off Your Back … Improve Your Lead Score

Marketing is consistently challenged by sales to get them better quality leads. Without better behavioral data, this is hard to do. Use every clickstream behavior you can think of with this Micro Integration—this is next-gen Lead Scoring!

100% Of The Customer Journey Is Better Than 40%

Research shows that 60% of the customer journey happens before a prospect raises their hand and fills out a form. Marketing Automation platforms today do not capture this valuable 60% of the customer journey and are missing over half of the puzzle. This Micro Integration captures this data and delivers the entire customer journey.

The Entire Clickstream At Your Disposal

Buyer intent is hard enough to measure, and without granular Google Analytics data, you can’t see the details of the full journey web behavior. What can you do? This Micro Integration delivers all granular Google clickstream data. You can now see all activities: downloads, video views, form starts, button clicks, abandoned cart, etc. right inside Pardot activities and tied to the Lead.