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Micro Integrations for your marketing apps, made easy.

Adobe Analytics to Marketo

Did you know Marketo only tracks page views, form fills and link clicks? With this Micro Integration, you'll enable activation on hundreds of critical digital behaviors of your potential buyers from Adobe Analytics directly in Marketo.
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Adobe Analytics data inside of Marketo

Marketo to Adobe Analytics

What if you knew the job title, account, industry, lead statuses of your visitors and more? That’s what this Micro Integration delivers from your Marketo instance to your report suite. Your world of measurement and personalization just got a whole lot bigger.
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Salesforce Data into Adobe Analytics Micro Integration

Salesforce to Adobe Analytics

Adobe Analytics can tell you how much and when - but not who. With this Micro Integration, you'll know who from your ICP is visiting your site, and what they're doing. You'll also see bottom-of-funnel metrics like opportunity pipeline and closed revenue directly in Adobe Analytics.
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