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Data Gaps: What They Are and How They Are Hurting your Business

Marcel Stefanini
November 26, 2022

Let’s do a little activity

I want you to imagine having a small hole in your roof and living in a rainy area. At first, you put a bucket beneath the hole to catch the small amount of water that falls from the hole while it’s raining. You think, “I’ll fix it next week,” and next week comes, and you repeat that thought. It’s not a priority since the hole is small and only a tiny amount of water is leaking through. Weeks turn to months, and six months later, that little hole has eroded into a much bigger hole, and a lot of rain starts to fall into your house, more than one bucket can handle.

Data Gaps

This is how Data Gaps expand until you are not able to easily fix them. Your company is most likely doing great on its marketing front, so you don’t notice the small data gaps causing lost clients and potential customers. But over time those data gaps, similar to that small ceiling leak, will erode and cause you to lose potential business and existing business.

What is a Data Gap?

Simply put, it is a gap or loss of customer information between two or more tools from your Martech stack. For example, sales people wish they could see all of their prospect’s key web behaviors inside of Salesforce so they can close more effectively. Marketers also wish they could see inside of Google Ads which keywords are driving more sales accepted leads. This loss of data hurts your business and costs you tons in wasted marketing spending and sales effort.

Most companies don’t even know that you can connect these platforms and make them communicate seamlessly together. This is where Stoke’s Micro Integrations comes in.

Close those gaps!

We give you the tools to connect your Martech stack, helping them talk and work together to increase your insights on the consumer journey, saving you big $$ on marketing spend.

Schedule your free demo today, and never waste another dollar on lost customer journey data.

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