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Integrate Your Marketing Tech Stack, Without Code.

Before Micro Integrations: Your marketing apps don't integrate. Enriching and activating marketing data is slow and expensive.
After Micro Integrations:
Your marketing apps are integrated. You're seamlessly enriching and activating customer data across your stack.
Example of Datajoin's Micro Integrations

What are Micro Integrations?

A no-code solution for integrating sales and marketing data from app-to-app, purpose built to make data activation and enrichment easy for marketers.
Start Activating Data Now, Not in 6 Months
Implementation in Days, Not Months
A typical data integration project can take 7-18 months. Micro Integrations are up and running in less than a week.
No Code
There's no code to manage. No technical debt. No ongoing maintenance. No database to provision. No data pipelines to build.
Built for Marketers
Nurture leads, create sophisticated segments and enrich web analytics with CRM data through seamless data integration across your marketing apps.

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Built for Marketing Teams

Web analytics tools like Adobe Analytics hold a treasure trove of behavioral data normally inaccessible by marketing automation tools like Marketo.

Our "Micro" Integrations take behavioral data from Google or Adobe Analytics and push it into your marketing automation platform.

No CDP or complex
implementation required.
Datajoin Micro Integration product illustration.Adobe Analytics data inside of Marketo graphic

Top Companies Activate Their Customer Data With Datajoin

"We were continually asked how our form fills were performing down funnel and we were never able to give a good answer - until now. Datajoin's Micro Integration has finally given us the full-journey visibility we've been searching for"

"We've been searching for a way to connect Salesforce data into Adobe Analytics for a while. We almost gave up hope of solving this until we came across Datajoin. We now have the visibility we've been looking for right inside of Analysis Workspace"
"We are finally seeing our Salesforce Community site data flowing directly into Adobe Analytics and we're thrilled to effect change to find opportunites to improve the customer experience!"
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© 2022 Datajoin. All Rights Reserved.