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See all of your Linkedin engagements. Send it where it needs to go.

Stop guessing if your LinkedIn posts work. SocialSights gives you the whole story—every engagement—in one spot. Ready for the next step? Shoot that data over to any MAP or CRM, turning likes into real conversations.

SocialSights For MAP

With SocialSights, infuse your Marketing Automation Platform with LinkedIn engagements, adding a potent layer of intent to your campaigns beyond email clicks. Unlock today:
Lead Scoring, Amplified. Integrate LinkedIn engagements to enhance your lead scoring strategy.
Smart, Engagement-Driven Triggers. Leverage LinkedIn data to fuel your triggers and filters, automating with intent.
Pinpoint High-Intent Leads. Utilize LinkedIn interactions to identify and prioritize leads demonstrating genuine interest.

SocialSights For CRM

Leverage the power of social engagements in your CRM, making every LinkedIn interaction a catalyst for more informed, effective, and timely customer engagement with SocialSights.
Deepen Customer Profiles. Enrich CRM leads and contacts with LinkedIn engagements, providing your team with a panoramic view of the customer.
Streamlined Lead Conversions. Improve conversion rates by utilizing LinkedIn data to identify and engage with high-potential leads at the optimum time.
Dynamic Segmentation. Automatically segment leads in your CRM based on their LinkedIn interactions, ensuring relevant communication.

The SocialSights Solution

Tap into a stream of continuous, beneficial LinkedIn data with ease:
Simple Setup. SocialSights promises an uncomplicated, one-time setup, unlocking a perpetual flow of LinkedIn data into your platforms.
Always Current, Always Relevant. Benefit from a constant stream of real-time data, ensuring your campaigns and outreach remain relevant and timely.
Data Safety Assured. Rest easy with SocialSights’ stringent adherence to data security and compliance, safeguarding your interactions and customer data.
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