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Salesforce to Adobe Analytics Micro Integration

Activate on Salesforce CRM data directly inside of Adobe's Analysis Workspace

Measure the ROI of Every Trackable Marketing Activity

The Salesforce & Adobe Analytics Micro Integration allows you to pull deal and pipeline information directly into Adobe Analytics’ Analysis Workspace. This means at your next Stakeholder meeting you can show the direct impact of your campaigns and content on pipeline and closed deals. Your influence, team and budgets will grow as you are able to present this data.
Salesforce and Adobe Analytics Micro Integration
Unlock the Complete Features and Functionality of Adobe Analytics
Adobe Analytics features like Attribution IQ and Segment Builder are powerful tools that can unlock critical marketing insights and enable expanded tactics. The problem is, these features aren't useable out of the box for B2B organizations that rely on CRM data. With this Integration, that's no longer the case.
Salesforce to Adobe Analytics Micro Integration
Salesforce CRM Data inside of Adobe analytics Analysis Workspace

Salesforce & Adobe Analytics ID Sync

salesforce and adobe analytics id level sync

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