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Adobe Analytics to Google Ads

Integrating Adobe Analytics segments into Google Ads can refine remarketing audiences, increasing relevance and conversions. Gain insights into user behavior and engagement patterns to adjust ad strategy for more effective campaigns.

Retarget any visitor segment with Adobe Analytics segments synced into Google Ads

Don’t just retarget your website visitors, retarget your website visitors who are actually interested. Open a whole new world of retargeting opportunities with this easy Micro Integration between Adobe Analytics and Google Ads.

Visitors who have spent over 10 minutes on my site this past week

Visitors who have downloaded all content on a certain product

High-intent visitors who have never seen the free trial page

Get In Front of The People Who Actually Care

Google Ads pixel tracking is limited, but Adobe Analytics tracks every visitor behavior you can think of. With this simple Micro Integration, get in front of the people who are actually interested by retargeting high-intent segments from Adobe Analytics synced right inside of Google Ads. For example:

Unified Data, Unified Teams, Better Results

When data siloes are broken, team collaboration goes up. Work closely with your web analytics team and enjoy the benefits of their unparalleled web insights that will guide you to higher converting ad campaigns. Work together, win together.