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Stoke Data, a Data Micro Integration Solution Company, Announces Name Change to Datajoin

Marcel Stefanini
November 26, 2022
Provo, Utah—Stoke Data, a Data Micro Integration Company, announces it has changed its name to Datajoin.

Now in it’s third year of record growth, Stoke is updating its name to Datajoin.

The company’s proprietary Micro Integration solutions are available for use by Marketing and Sales Teams worldwide.

Datajoin, meaning connecting and joining data at the ID level for precision results, reflects founder Sam Fonoimoana’s business philosophy and product innovation roadmap moving forward.

Datajoin Micro Integration solutions offer immediate access to down-funnel conversion, giving access to first-party data across the customer journey. It is built on a modern architecture developed with the user in mind. Unlike other data analytics solutions, Datajoin delivers true ID sync resolution, the next phase of analytics by allowing the free flow of precision customer journey data from system to system. This, in turn, allows marketing, web, and paid digital teams to improve personalization and conversion rates.  

“We have been listening to our clients, innovating, and collaborating with industry leaders who foster the future of analytics,” said Sam Fonoimoana, Datajoin Co-Founder and CEO. “Companies around the world are taking notice. We have helped multiple global enterprises get all the data they need living inside the tools they already use.”  

Additional information about Datajoin, its proprietary Micro Integration solutions, or the new company name can be found on the newly launched website at datajoinstg.wpengine.com.

About Datajoin

Founded in 2019, Datajoin solves data gaps between systems in your martech stack with easy-to-deploy Micro Integrations so teams can take action for their customers in their trusted marketing/sales tool of choice. These Micro Integrations are lightweight and lightning-quick to implement. They close data gaps and connect full customer journey data from system-to-system at the ID level.

Micro Integrations allow marketing, sales, and customer success teams to get all the data they need in the tool they are already using. No more opening a new dashboard. No more PowerPoint decks or pivot tables. Just genuinely actionable insights, right where you need them.

We are helping Cisco, AARP, Comcast, Adobe, ViaSat, Highmark Health, and many other companies to access full customer journey analytics.

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