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Low hanging fruit for B2B-commerce marketers and sales teams during times of recession.

Sam Fonoimoana
November 26, 2022

In this recession, everyone is looking to squeeze more out of what they have (us included).

Here is a HUGE low hanging fruit for B2B-commerce marketers and sales teams.

▶ 70% of online carts are abandoned.

▶ For many sales and marketing teams, these are silently happening.

▶ Web Analytics is collecting when this happens, they just need to share this data with your MAP and/or CRM.

▶ When this data is in the MAP/CRM you can now proactively reach out and save the abandons.

This equates to millions of dollars of recouped sales for many companies. #recessionproof

Time-to-value is extremely fast with this, you will see results immediately. ✅

No new systems required, just integrate your #webanalytics, #marketingautomation, and #crm.




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